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A stillness icontest for forgotten movies

A stillness icontest for forgotten movies

Stillness community for forgotten childhood movies
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A stillness icontest for forgotten movies
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Welcome to invisiblefilms. This community was partially inspired by communities such as forgottenmovies, which is a community dedicated to films from our childhoods that others might remember, such as An American Tail, The Secret of NIHM, The Last Unicorn, The Never Ending Story and more.

This community was founded by jediknightmuse, a lover of almost any kid movie that's been put on the big screen (and even those that went straight to film) in the last eighteen years or so.

It is now run by me, hippiemarcher, a childrens' movie fanatic. I hope that I can
keep it running just as great as it was before, but I'll need your participation to do so.

Joining in on this icontest is fairly simple.

1. First, you'll need to join and friend (so that you can see when the challenges and results are posted</a> the community.

2. This should be pretty obvious, but you cannot participate in the challenges if you are not a member. Joining takes a few quick seconds!

3. All entries must be the standard size for Livejournal, which is 100x100. A general rule of thumb is to make icons .png files because of the better quality, but if for some reason the program you're using doesn't let you save/open .png files, then your icons will not be disqualified because of it. Entries should be 40kb, and should be in either .png, .jpg or .gif format.

4. Since this is a stillness community, no animation will be allowed unless by some chance we give a special challenge allowing it.

5. All entries will be anonymous until after voting.

6. Please do not post your entries anywhere else, on Livejournal or otherwise, until after the results have been posted.

7. Please do not submit entries any where else but the challenge post.

8. Do not vote for your own icons, or ask others to vote for you. Please help us keep the results as fair as possible.

9. No bashing of icons or their makers will be tolerated. This community was created with the intent of letting anyone with a graphics program and ability to make icons participate. If someone's icon is not the greatest in the world, fine. But keep that thought to yourself. If at any point I am informed that you are bashing a maker and their icon(s) severe action, such as banning, will be taken.

10. Since the challenges are aimed at forgotten/unappreciated movies, it is my goal to try and use as many of the unpopular movies as possible for these challenges. There will, however, be some special, rare challenges for the more well known movies such as Alice in Wonderland or Cinderella. Pretty much any of the Disney/kids movies dating from the time Walt Disney started making movies to the mid-1990's are fair game for challenges.

11. My policy on moderators submitting icons: my plan is to only submit to challenges that are in need of more entries (if a challenge has five or fewer submissions). However, when the community is getting going and is still need of more members to participate, I might submit an icon to a challenge depending on what the challenge is. If you have any issues with this policy, feel free to speak to me about it.

12. Challenges will mainly have screencaps provided for you, which will have been downloaded by hippiemarcher from posts at dj_capslock and any other screencap resource communities. If you know of a place where I can get screencaps for certain movies that might not be at dj_capslock or can provide screencaps yourself, please contact me.
The Challenges
1. The challenges will be posted immediately after the results, time of week TBD.

2. All entries submitted to the challenges posted each week will be screened so that only jediknightmuse and the maker of the icon(s) submitted in a comment can see them.

3. Please use a image hosting site such as Photobucket or Imagecave, which are both free hosts.

4. You'll be able to submit up to three icons for each challenge unless stated otherwise.
Submitting Your Icons
The way to submit your icons is pretty simple.
Banner: Yes/NoDo you wish to receive a banner if your icon(s) is/are placed in a challenge?
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1. For now, I'm going to try having you vote through a poll where you will be able to choose the icons you wish to vote for. I may change this method at a later date to simply having you vote through comments.

2. The categories you will vote for are as follows:
1st place
2nd place
3rd place
Best cropping
Best theme
Most creative
Mod's choice
mod's choice is for hippiemarcher only.

3. By default, you'll need to vote for first, second, and third places, but it will depend on the challenge given for the other categories.

4. If you submit icons for a challenge, please vote for that challenge. Voting for the challenges helps to keep the community going and also encourages other members to participate.

5. Do not vote for icons that you made. I will know if you've done this through being able to see the results before they're posted via the poll.
Challenge Timeline
As I said above, this is subject to change depending on my schedule and whether or not I have others to help with the challenges.

1. A new challenge will be posted immediately after results from the previous challenge have been posted, unless I state otherwise that it will be posted the following day.

2. You will have until the Friday of each week (unless otherwise stated in a moderator post) to submit your icon(s) to the challenge.

3. Submissions will be closed on that Friday by 11:30 PM EST and voting will be put up immediately. You'll have until Sunday evening to vote.

4. Voting will end at 10:30 PM EST on that Sunday. Winners will be announced shortly after.

5. A new challenge gets posted immediately after the results are posted on Sundays.
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